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If you had the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life, would you? Well here is your opportunity. Through your donations a young child's life can change for the better. The reality is that not every child has the same opportunities as the children in the U.S. Their living conditions could be dangerous and become a threat to their life. 


Here at Reach For Yahweh, we believe in changing the lives of, not just children, but anyone who is living under these conditions. And doing whatever we can to make that happen. If you are interested in changing someone's life and making a difference, consider one of the options we have here. 

Conferences & Events

Personal Growth

Congregation Development


We believe baptism in Yahshua's name is mandetory for us as believers. RFY has traveled across the U.S. baptizing fellow brothers and sisters who are being led by the Spirit to get baptized, not into an assembly, but in the family of Yahweh. 


Are you interested getting baptized? Or know someone who is? Please feel free to contact us.

Unity Conference

The Unity Conference is an annual event that invites all believers in Yahweh and Yahshua to come together to be unified as a body. The Unity Conference is always the first full weekend of August each year.


Click  here to find out where the next Unity Conference will be held. Contact Elder Sam Graham at Assemby of Yahweh, Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Contact #(517) 663-1268 

Family Builders Conference

The Family Builders Conference was established to bring strength, support, and Yahweh and Yahshua in to the family. It is an annual, 3 day event consisting of fellowship, family activities and presentations geared toward the family. 


To find out when and where the next FBC will be, visit our News & Events page.

Marriage Ignited

We believe the key to having a successful and happy marriage is to have a strong relationship with Yahweh and Yahshua. 

In 2014 the RFY team went around touring the U.S. visiting several assemblies. They talked about the importance of Yahshua in marriage, and how He should be the center.  


The word of Yahweh continues to grow and spread in the great land of Kenya. The people here show an amazing love for Yahshua and are deeply committed to shepherding the flock Yahweh has there. Our team is so blessed to be a part of the ministry work that is done in Kenya by such a variety of assemblies.


We feel honored to know people who live every day of their life in the love and grace of Yahshua our Messiah. These efforts should encourage the body of Yahshua worldwide to join hands in the unifying work of His Kingdom, which is coming to this earth. Praise Yahweh and may His blessings continue in the beautiful country of Kenya.


One well is a "drop in the bucket" compared to the need.  There are endless opportunities in Kenya for wells which provide the essentials for everyday life in the communities where they are planted. RFY has successfully installed its first well with the help of George the Shoeman from Shoeman Water Projects.


We hope this is the first of many wells to be placed in strategic locations throughout Kenya, and in the future, other parts of Africa.  If you are interested in supporting the Kenya Well Project please click our support page and we will gladly put your donation toward a well in Kenya which will service thousands of individuals.



Reach For Yahweh is currently working with two orphanages/schools in Kenya. These organizations have been in existence for several years now making them stable options for our support.  Our vision is to expand this portion of our ministry but for now we are thankful for the opportunity to work with these groups. Click here to learn more about them. 


Orphans hold a special place in the heart of Yahweh.  We not only see a the commandments relating to orphans in the old testament, but the strong admonition of James in the new.  As we have experienced first hand the living conditions and extremely difficult circumstances these young people deal with daily, we are deeply moved to assist them in any way we can.


This is an area where you can help.  We have the Orphan Relief Program which allows you to sponsor one of these precious children and support them through these critical years of their lives.  Your gifts of financial assistance, correspondence, prayer, and even a personal visit will greatly impact their life for years to come.  If you desire to be a blessing to one of these children please click here or contact us and ask how you can help.


Swahili Sacred Name Bible

For more than 9 years Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh 7th Day has been diligently working on a Sacred Name Bible in Swahili.  Now through the work of the Media Board, their dream has come true.  The first Sacred Name Swahili Bible was officially launched in November, 2013 by Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh.  The launching event was a huge success with more than 600 people in attendance.  


Our team as well as many others from the US were there to support this great work.  Now the bibles are being distributed throughout the country and people are reading about Yahweh and Yahshua in their very own bibles!  We want to say praise Yahweh for the hard work and dedication being done by the Media board of Messianic Assemblies and all of the other individuals who have contributed to this work.  May Yahweh's name continue to be glorified and magnified throughout the land of Kenya.


Building Projects

Several assemblies in Kenya are planning and building new structures to house their congregations during worship week by week and other gatherings.  Our goal is to assist the projects they are already working on and help them come to completion.  One of these buildings is this one here in Taboga led by Pastor Jacob Njoroge. 


This building has been an ongoing effort by the congregation here for more that 5 years.  We are very excited to see this project coming to completion because it will get plenty of use by the assemblies all around.  "The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from Yahweh" Proverbs 16:1. 


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