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Address: 26477 Fulfs Rd. Sterling, IL 61081


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Phone: (573) 808-6435

About Us

Reach for Yahweh is a ministry established for the purpose of assisting the assemblies of Yahweh around the world.  Our headquarters is located in Sterling, IL where we coordinate our worldwide efforts.


Our mission is to serve the local community and assemblies to further the Kingdom of Yahweh through overseas missions, building projects, seminars and training programs, and baptizing believers in the name of Yahshua.  We believe through a united effort from all believers we can create stronger families, stronger assemblies, and stronger communities.


Our team is dedicated to serving the body of believers in Yahshua and touching as many lives as we can. While RFY has many different facets of ministry, we are committed to staying focused on what matters most, the people of Yahweh.  Our vision for every person is to grow and mature in the knowledge and freedom of Yahshua our Messiah.  We promote unity, fellowship, and teamwork in the body of Yahshua for the uniting of the saints in a common vision.

Our History

RFY was launched in November of 2011.  Dwayne and Keith Wilson had been working together for almost a year in a remodeling company that Dwayne owned.  Both Dwayne and Keith were already serving at Yahweh's Assembly in Messiah in Rocheport, MO but desired to do more in the ministry.  Together they developed different ideas and ways they felt like the body of Yahshua could be stronger and benefit from another ministry. Through much conversation, planning, and prayer; Yahweh made a way for RFY to begin and we haven't looked back since.


Although not without its challenges, RFY has already seen dynamic success.  The ministry has been to Kenya, the Philippines, and done multiple projects in the US in 2012 alone.  With the cooperation of many assemblies, RFY has helped institute many programs that have united the body of Yahshua in a common vision.  We are so thankful to be teamed up with such an amazing group of believers from multiple countries and organizations.  Without their assistance and wealth of experience and knowledge, none of this would have been possible.  We are so grateful to Yahweh for His constant provision and guidance in this endeavor.

Meet Our Team

Dwayne Wilson


As an Elder and Pastor, Dwayne has years of experience serving the Body of Messiah in various forms. 


Dwayne co-founded Reach For Yahweh in 2011 and has been Director since.

Marcus Castillo

Media Manager

Marcus helps manage all websites, social media, videos, and other varies forms of media associated with Reach For Yahweh.

Associated With

Elder Jake Meyer, PA

Elder Joseph Sedra, PA

Elder Solomon Meyer, OH

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